21 Day Challenge


1.7.18 - 1.28.18

IDENTIFY: 2-3 people where you LIVE, WORK, or PLAY who need to hear the Gospel.

PRAY: specifically for opportunities and boldness to share the Gospel. 

SHARE: the Gospel using the 3 Circles and /or your testimony.

Prayer Walking Your Neighborhood or Workplace

- Commit to prayer walking at least one time a week

- Ask God to provide opportunities to meet people as you prayer walk.- Ideas to pray: Thanksgiving, neighborhood, neighbors, marriages, families, unity, protection, strongholds to be broken, hearts to be receptive to the Gospel, healing, and provision. (Listen to hte [rompts of the Holy Spirit and pray.)

- Engage people you encounter (example: I'm praying for the families in the neighborhood, is there anything specific I can be praying for you?). Ask if you can pray with them right there.