Facilities Leader

Serves as a backup for the Facilities Director, helps recruit others for the team if they see a gifting in someone that is beneficial to a need in facilities, leads or delegates projects, and provides a property needs assessment to Facilities Director. Looking for an individual that is confident in hands-on mechanical work, diagnostics, use of tools, and general handyman skills. Time commitment varies based on weekly needs. Meets with Facilities Director at least once a month with an execution plan for facility needs. Ages 18+

Events Coordinator

This person will work closely with the Special Events Coordinator or Staff for large events hosted at the church to ensure that material needs are provided and appropriately set up before and broken down after an event (ie.
 chairs, tables). Assists in recruiting others for the team, leading or assigning projects, and providing feedback on needs to the Facilities Director. Looking for individuals that are organized, administratively gifted, flexible, and able to lift heavy objects. Due to the fact that the time commitment will vary based on the events schedule, we ask that this be an individual’s primary, if not only, area of service. Many, though not all events, are typically scheduled on the weekends or at night. Ages 18+


There are a number of storage spaces in the church that need to be organized and maintained. Looking for an individual that can work independently and loves organizing, labeling, and sorting. Time commitment varies based on the project and personal availability. Ages 18

Security & Medical

This team of men and women are trained to respond to emergency situations, helping us keep services and events running smoothly for our members and guests. Looking for individuals who are friendly, First Aid/CPR/AED certified, familiar with an EpiPen, and have medical or military/law enforcement experience. Requires two to four
 hours per weekend, one Sunday per month, and at least one event per month. Ages 18+

Southbrook Kids' Service Leaders

Service leaders act as stand-in personnel for Southbrook Kids' staff members as needed by making decisions for and communicating with every department of Southbrook Kids. Looking for individuals with strong leadership, administrative, and conflict management skills. Requires serving once a month. Mature adults

Southbrook Kids' Team Leaders

These leaders provide oversight in our Southbrook Kids' classes by leading short team meetings, checking on classrooms, and communicating with security amongst other things. Looking for organized and administrative individuals. Requires serving at one service, two Sundays per month. Mature adults

Special Events

This team organizes needs for all of Southbrook’s special events outside of Sunday services, which could include, but is not limited to: food, decor, setup, and cleanup. Looking for individuals who are friendly, motivated, energetic, and detail-oriented. Serving hours vary based on the event, but most events run anywhere from two to five hours. Since the number of events per month will also vary, we ask that Special Events members make this their primary area of service so that they can be readily available.

Growth Group Administrator

This position is ideal for an individual with sharp administrative gifts and passions.  If you can help your Growth Group Leader with communicating to group members, help plan group events, service, or mission projects then this is for you. Looking for individuals with computer skills to pass on information regarding details necessary for their group to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Invest. Requires a maximum of one hour per week. Adults 18+

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