Camp Final Registration

Final Registration 2018

** Camp Meeting: May 30th 6:30-7:30 pm **

Thank you for signing up your child(red) for our Summer Camp this year at Whisper Mountain! We have scheduled a Camp Meeting on Wednesday, May 30th in the Students Building. We ask for all campers and parents to attend as we cover some important details, ensure that all forms and registrations are complete and answer questions that you or your child(red) might have. We are anticipating great things from our time together at camp!!

In order to complete your registration, we need the following items by May 30th. If there are any complications in doing so, please let us know. Thanks!

1. Each camper will need to fill out Whisper Mountain's participant form which can be found HERE. DO NOT make any payments to Whisper Mountain, only registration please!

2. Our Minor Participation & Consent form for Southbrook Church can be found HERE.

3. For those with severe allergies, regular medication or health concerns, please click HERE to complete the form for our Health Care Plan.

4. To publish or post any pictures/video from camp, we need each person to fill out a Media Release form found HERE

5. If at all possible, final balances are due by May 30th and can be paid HERE.

6. You can access the packing list from Whisper Mountain HERE

7. Lastly, please bring a photocopy (front & back) of your insurance information to the Camp Meeting on May 30th.