Southbrook Kids offers the Gospel Project for Kids' curriculum for 2 year olds through 5th grade. Each week's lesson helps children understand how Christ fits into the entire Gospel story, pre-creation to eternity. Children also learn how they fit into this big story, too!


Sunday, October 13 through October 27, 2019

Throughout  the  month  of  October,  we  will  be  collaborating  with  other  churches  to  learn  about  the  Art  of  Neighboring.  In  the  classroom  each  week,  your  child  will  hear  a  Bible  story,  learn  a  Memory  Verse,  and  participate in fun activities. Each one is designed to help them grasp the Main Point of the lesson.

Jesus chooses his disciples. Memory verse of the week: Matthew 4:19

This week, ask your child to share with you today’s Memory Verse and the motions that go with it. Jesus said, “Come, follow me.” Matthew 4:19“Jesus said”—Use sign language for “Jesus” (Touch the tip of the middle finger of your non-dominant hand into the center of your dominant hand. Then touch the tip of the middle  finger  of  your  non-dominant  hand  into  the  palm  of  your  dominant  hand.)”Come,”—(March in place.)“Follow me!”—Extend your arm forward and wave it towards you. (Practice this a few times and then go back to “Jesus said,” and put all three pieces together.)“Matthew 4:19”—Stop marching and whisper this. (Now, put all of the segments together.)

Key Passage  (K-3rd grade) &  MOTIONS

Key Passage  (3's-early 5's) & MOTIONS