Dancer Partnership Agreement


Dancers should wear blue (long) jeans and the Southbrook Kids Worship Dance team t-shirt. Tennis shoes or closed-toed shoes are required.


Normal Schedule: 

1st/3rd Sunday, either at 9 AM or 11 AM


2nd/4th Sunday, either at 9AM or 11 AM

  • Kids who are in 4th-5th grade should only serve the “Normal Schedule”  It is really important that 4th-5th grade children worship and attend class with their peers.

  • Kids who are in K-3rd grade, middle school, or high school have the opportunity to serve both services, every Sunday. 


It is very important that our volunteers are worshiping one service and serving one service. Please be sure that your child is not just serving, but is also attending service.


It is very important that your child is prepared.  We want to be sure that we are giving our best to God and to the children in Southbrook Kids.  You will receive an email about 2 weeks before a new unit begins from Planning Center.  Planning Center will house all of the songs, with both lyric videos and dance motion videos.  Your child is responsible for knowing both the lyrics and the dance motions (mirror the dancer in the videos). 


We will have a mandatory rehearsal every 4-5 weeks.  This rehearsal will start at 8:00 a.m., so please arrive by 7:55 a.m.  The goal of the mandatory rehearsal is to refine the dances on a large scale; to make sure everyone is in-sync with one another.  Thus, dancers should be practicing at home and be prepared by the time we have our “monthly” rehearsal.

 If your child is not able to participate in this rehearsal, it is best that your child take a break and resume following the next mandatory rehearsal.  If he/she cannot make it, please give me a heads-up as I will also have to adjust the schedule accordingly for that period.


If you are scheduled to dance that day, arrive no later than 8:10 a.m., for we will begin practice/run-through exactly at 8:15 a.m.  If your child does not show up for the run-through, your child will not be able to dance for the day.   

Dance practice and group huddle will run from 8:15 - 8:40, and then dancers will have an opportunity to go as a group or group(s) -- minimum number of 3 to a group -- to the cafe to get a snack and a water/coffee.  Dancers must return as a group or group(s) and be back in the kids’ building auditorium by 8:55 AM.   

Those dancers who are scheduled to lead worship at the 11 AM service must also be at the 8:15 practice.  Report time for 11 AM service will be 10:55 AM in the kids’ building auditorium.    


Policies are in place to protect children and to protect the people serving:

  • Students will need to remain in groups of a minimum of 3 people if they are traveling between buildings to get a drink/snack or waiting in room 10 prior to dancing.

  • Students may not take children to bathrooms.

  • Students may not change diapers.

  • Students should never be alone with a child.

  • Students may sit on the ground and play with children, however, carrying of children is prohibited.

  • Students are encouraged to engage with children, however, horseplay or rough play is not safe for young children.


We ask that our dance team members to do one of the following during the remaining portion of a service (following their performance):

  •  Attend the adult service at either 9 AM or 11 AM  (or the 4th/5th grade service if age-appropriate). 

  • Serve in kids' ministry as a student helper assigned to a group 

  •  Remain in the main worship center lobby area or depart from campus with a parent.