Growth Groups


These leaders need the skills of a teacher and listener as well as the heart of a shepherd. You don’t need to be a Bible scholar, but you do need to accurately handle the Word of God and answer questions. Looking for individuals that are intentional about helping Christ followers grow in maturity in their relationship with God in knowledge, heart, and skills. Requires at least two hours per week, or two weeks per month for Growth Group meetings. Mature adults.


This position is ideal for an individual with sharp administrative gifts and passions.  If you can help your Growth Group Leader with communicating to group members, help plan group events, service, or mission projects then this is for you. Looking for individuals with computer skills to pass on information regarding details necessary for their group to Connect, Grow, Serve, and Invest. Requires a maximum of one hour per week. Adults 18+


If you don’t hold the gifts of teaching and shepherding, but you really get excited about creating an atmosphere where people can feel at home, then becoming a Growth Group Host would be a great fit.  Looking for individuals motivated to create a comfortable meeting space for a maximum of 12 people, and provide snacks and food. Adults.

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