Parking Team

Looking for friendly, outgoing, assertive individuals to make the first impression on Southbrook’s guests. This team works with our off-duty officers to help direct traffic and greet arriving families. Parking
 Team members serve two to four hours per week, one to two times per month. Ages 18+


One of the ways we like to make new guests feel welcome is by offering complimentary coffee and refreshments, with any donations going to our Missions and Outreach ministry. Looking for individuals who are friendly
 and willing to participate in additional training for setup/cleanup. Requires two to four hours per week, one Sunday per month. Ages 12+ (children serve with families)


Greeters are on the front lines of our team. Greeters can have several responsibilities, from opening doors to answering questions. Our warm, friendly greeters help set the stage for making guests feel more at home
 when they visit Southbrook. Looking for individuals that are friendly and outgoing. Requires two to four hours per weekend, one or two Sundays per month. Ages 15+


Once guests enter the auditorium, our ushers direct them to open seats if needed, or help them find their already seated family and friends. Ushers also help receive our weekly tithes and offerings during service.
 Looking for individuals that are friendly and assertive. Requires two to four hours per weekend, one or two Sundays per month. Ages 15+

Southbrook Students' Connection

Each Wednesday we welcome a number of students, some of which are first time guests. Our Connection Team assists students with checking in by collecting contact information. Looking for individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to make every student feel special and known. Requires attendance each Wednesday starting at 5:45PM. Ages 16+

Southbrook Kids' New Guest Host

Every Sunday, a number of parents come through our doors, some of them first time guests that aren’t sure where to go. Our New Guest Hosts greet these new families with a welcoming attitude. Looking for friendly, hospitable individuals. Requires serving at one service, two Sundays per month. Ages 18+

Special Events

This team organizes needs for all of Southbrook’s special events outside of Sunday services, which could include, but is not limited to: food, decor, setup, and cleanup. Looking for individuals who are friendly, motivated, energetic, and detail-oriented. Serving hours vary based on the event, but most events run anywhere from two to five hours. Since the number of events per month will also vary, we ask that Special Events members make this their primary area of service so that they can be readily available.

Growth Group Host

If you don’t hold the gifts of teaching and shepherding, but you really get excited about creating an atmosphere where people can feel at home, then becoming a Growth Group Host would be a great fit.  Looking for individuals motivated to create a comfortable meeting space for a maximum of 12 people, and provide snacks and food. Adults.

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