Two Year Bible Reading Plan
Monday | 6:30am | Chick-fil-a, Stonecrest 

Stealing From God - Frank Turek
Alternate Wednesdays | 6:45am | Panera Bread, Waverly
"Stealing From God" Why atheists need God to make their case

Sermon-Series Based Bible Study
Thursday | 6:30pm | Java's Bakery & Cafe, Waxhaw

Saturdays | 8-9:15am | Meets weekly | Student Building. This group exists to equip, encourage, and empower men to live godly lives for Jesus Christ. Come at 7:30am for a time of prayer before the study.

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Want to know more information about men's ministry or how to get involved?

Spiritual Formation 

If you are looking to grow deeper as a disciple, consider joining as Spiritual Formation Group. We believe that truth travels best through our relationships therefore, these groups of 3-4 commit to Bible reading, prayer, accountability, and meeting weekly. 

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If you are interested in committing to a group focused on Bible & book reading, scripture memory, and other projects designed to help you grow as a disciple maker, let us know. These groups meet regularly.

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