Two Year Bible Reading Plan
Monday | 6:30am | Chick-fil-a, Stonecrest 

Stealing From God - Frank Turek
Alternate Wednesdays | 6:45am | Panera Bread, Waverly
"Stealing From God" Why atheists need God to make their case

Sermon-Series Based Bible Study
Thursday | 6:30pm | Java's Bakery & Cafe, Waxhaw

Saturdays | 8-9:15am | Meets weekly | Student Building. This group exists to equip, encourage, and empower men to live godly lives for Jesus Christ. Come at 7:30am for a time of prayer before the study.

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Want to know more information about men's ministry or how to get involved?


Men's Retreat: Resolve | March 20-21, Cost: $120 | Location: Dogwood on Lake Norman

What does living a life of intention look like?  How might it impact what God could do in you and through you?  Join us at the 2020 Southbrook Men's Retreat as we learn valuable lessons from the life of Daniel - a man who knew like few others what it was to live a life of intention.  Be intentional.  Resolve to be there.  It could be the most impactful 24 hours of your year! Register by February 24th- space is limited! 

Spiritual Formation 

If you are looking to grow deeper as a disciple, consider joining as Spiritual Formation Group. We believe that truth travels best through our relationships therefore, these groups of 3-4 commit to Bible reading, prayer, accountability, and meeting weekly. 

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If you are interested in committing to a group focused on Bible & book reading, scripture memory, and other projects designed to help you grow as a disciple maker, let us know. These groups meet regularly.

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