Count Team

The Count Team is responsible for counting all tithes and offerings. Each week working as a team they collect funds, prepare reports and deposit slips. Team members must be able to maintain a high level of confidentiality and reliability, and must have a consistent history of tithing. Looking for detail oriented, systematic individuals that feel confident with Excel, data entry, calculators, and counting. Count Team members serve one or two
Sundays per month, attend the 9:00AM service, and serve from 10:45AM-12:45PM. Ages 18+

Communion Team

This team sets trays, fills juice cups, and cuts bread for both services. Looking for individuals to serve the third Sunday of each month and special days (ie. Easter). Arrival time is 7:45AM. Ages 18+


Looking for individuals with the gift of administration and the ability to prioritize to complete the necessary tasks that help the office function on a daily basis. Receptionists are responsible for: greeting guests, notifying appropriate staff of visitors for appointments, answering phones, delivering messages, completing the daily tasks checklist, and assisting with any administrative duties that present themselves during the day. Schedule needs are M-Th 9AM-12PM, 1PM-4PM; Sun 10:30AM-11AM, 12PM-12:30PM. Availability for only one day and time slot is ok. Ages 18+


We would love to have photos of our events, including baptisms. Looking for experienced individuals that can provide examples of previous work. Requires one Sunday or event per month as needed. Ages 21+

Special Events

This team organizes needs for all of Southbrook’s special events outside of Sunday services, which could include, but is not limited to: food, decor, setup, and cleanup. Looking for individuals who are friendly, motivated, energetic, and detail-oriented. Serving hours vary based on the event, but most events run anywhere from two to five hours. Since the number of events per month will also vary, we ask that Special Events members make this their primary area of service so that they can be readily available.

Marriage Mentor

No one has a perfect marriage, but our mentors have marriages that are growing, stable, and model biblical principles. Mentors do not need to be professional counselors, but rather love to help other couples become all they could be. Looking for couples who have been married for at least 10 years with a strong biblical foundation, scriptural knowledge, the ability to listen, ask great questions, and move a couple down a path of healthiness.

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