Southbrook Student's Small Group Leader

The focus of Southbrook Students is to engage middle school and high school students and to challenge them to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is accomplished as a ministry by focusing on God’s truth and turning it into application. Small group leaders facilitate Southbrook Students small groups, typically every Wednesday Night, by utilizing the curriculum and/or questions provided. Looking for individuals willing to encourage students to handle life’s challenges biblically and to attend events outside of the normal service time. Requires attendance each Wednesday starting at 5:45PM. Ages 19+

Southbrook Students' Connection

Each Wednesday we welcome a number of students, some of which are first time guests. Our Connection Team assists students with checking in by collecting contact information. Looking for individuals who are willing to go above and beyond to make every student feel special and known. Requires attendance each Wednesday starting at 5:45PM. Ages 16+

Southbrook Kids' New Guest Host

Every Sunday, a number of parents come through our doors, some of them first time guests that aren’t sure where to go. Our New Guest Hosts greet these new families with a welcoming attitude. Looking for friendly, hospitable individuals. Requires serving at one service, two Sundays per month. Ages 18+

Southbrook Kids' Service Leaders

Service leaders act as stand-in personnel for Southbrook Kids' staff members as needed by making decisions for and communicating with every department of Southbrook Kids. Looking for individuals with strong leadership, administrative, and conflict management skills. Requires serving once a month. Mature adults

Southbrook Kids' Team Leaders

These leaders provide oversight in our Southbrook Kids' classes by leading short team meetings, checking on classrooms, and communicating with security amongst other things. Looking for organized and administrative individuals. Requires serving at one service, two Sundays per month. Mature adults

Southbrook Kids' Classroom/Group Leaders

Our children need care and attention while learning so the teacher can fully focus on the lesson. Looking for caring individuals that can also be direct to manage the children once they join their appropriate age group. Requires one service, two Sundays per month. Adults 18+

Southbrook Kids' Teen Helpers

These helpers assist the classroom/group leaders and engage the children when needed. Looking for fun teenagers that love to work with kids. Requires both services, two Sundays per month. Ages 12-17

Growth Group Leader

These leaders need the skills of a teacher and listener as well as the heart of a shepherd. You don’t need to be a Bible scholar, but you do need to accurately handle the Word of God and answer questions. Looking for individuals that are intentional about helping Christ followers grow in maturity in their relationship with God in knowledge, heart, and skills. Requires at least two hours per week, or two weeks per month for Growth Group meetings. Mature adults.

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