Student Events


In addition to our regular weekly schedule, here are some additional upcoming opportunities for our Students and Families in the coming weeks:

Summer Camp Signups!

Camp spots are filling up! This year we offered 2 options for families to choose from, one week in June or a week in July. Currently the week in June is FULL. We have reserved the entire camp for both weeks, but need to fill each week with a minimum of 40 participants first before we can open up either week for additional registrations. So if you cannot attend in July and would like to be put on a waiting list for June, please email Kasey. We cannot guarantee that additional spots will open up, but if they do we will add names to our roster according to the order they're received.

The total cost is $360 per student and covers the camp's registration fees, transportation costs, and all meals. (Additional expenses include: souvenirs, snacks, optional paintball. $20 should be ample.) 

Each individual participant will need to fill out the registration form. There is only a $25 deposit needed to secure a spot, with balances needed to be paid 30 days in advance of departure. Once your registration is submitted and deposit/payment is made, we'll follow up with you via email with additional details and communication leading up to our departure. If you are signing up more than one student, please enter "sibling" in the code box for a discounted rate. 

Currently June 10-14 is FULL. 

To sign up for the week of July 8 - 12 click HERE.

For more information about Whisper Mountain click HERE

March 6th - May 15th Senior Sermons (Wednesdays)

On March 6th we kicked off our "Senior Sermons" for the next several Wednesday nights. This is a really special time when our graduating seniors have an opportunity to speak to their peers. Not only is this beneficial for our students to hear from other students, it can be a very rich way for our seniors to process and articulate their own journey of faith as they reflect, study and prepare for this opportunity. Whether through sharing about their own life story or teaching on a certain theme or topic of their choosing, this allows them an opportunity to be faithful in passing along a little bit of what they have "heard, learned and received" themselves. We are so thankful for how many seniors we have involved in our ministry and look forward to hearing from many of them over the next couple of months!

April 21st, 24th, 28th  - NO Students

From the 21st - the 28th we will NOT be meeting for Students in observance of Easter and spring break for UCPS the following week. This covers most of our student body (and leaders) and we trust that everyone will have a great week of celebrating, relaxing, traveling and stealing time together as families! 

May 1st - Senior Dinner  

On Wednesday Night, May 1st we will be celebrating with our graduating seniors and their parents. Although graduation from high school is a significant event, our focus as a ministry is on the greater "life event" of moving from childhood to adulthood. This is a major Milestone in the life of the entire family! During this special evening, we will be taking some time to reflect on the past as we also prepare for the future. Kasey will be sharing some words from his heart along with an opportunity for parents to offer a blessing over their seniors. This evening is specifically for graduating seniors and their parents only. Please CLICK HERE if you are not already registered. 

If you have any other questions about our student ministry or would like to arrange time to speak with our student pastor, please hit the email button below. Thanks!

Email Kasey