Student Events

Sunday Nights - Senior Sermons!

Over the next several weeks, we will be having our annual "Senior Sermons" during our Sunday night gathering for Students! This is a very special time when our graduating seniors are given an opportunity to speak to their peers. They will soon be graduating not only from high school, but also from student ministry. Senior Sermons provide an outlet for them to reflect upon their time as "Students" and pass along words of encouragement and challenge to their peers. Each week, we'll be having a senior share their message during our worship and assembly time before we head to our small groups. These seniors are taking considerable time to prepare their words and each one will be meeting with the Student Pastor to preview their outline prior to being confirmed on the schedule. Please pray for our seniors and this opportunity as it helps them to process and prepare for their upcoming transition out of Student ministry and into the greater church as adults!

Sun March 22nd - Community Gathering 5:00-7:30 pm

On Sunday, March 22nd we will be joining with other area churches and school campus ministries for a collective night of fun, worship and games! This will be hosted at Forest Hill Waxhaw as a part of our ongoing partnership with other local churches. Although our students attend different churches, most of them attend the same schools together. This is open to all 6th - 12th graders and requires no advance registration or fee. We look forward to getting all of our students together to make a big deal of Jesus in our community!

Summer Camp! - June 2020

Summer camp is the most influential opportunity that we have for our students during the entire year. The amount of time that we have together for one week of camp is equivalent to two yearsof Wednesday nights! Spending a week together in an undistracted environment allows us to better connect with God and with each other in significant ways.

This year we are again offering families 2 weeks to choose from. Both weeks open to all students who have completed the 6th-12th grade. We have reserved the entire camp for both weeks, but need to fill each week with a minimum of 50 participants first before we can open for additional registrations. The total cost is $350 per student and covers the camp's registration fees, transportation costs, and all meals. (Additional expenses include: souvenirs, snacks, optional paintball. $20-$30 should be ample.) 

Each individual participant will need to fill out the registration form. Once this form is submitted, we'll follow up with you via email with additional details and communication leading up to our departure.

Along with daily worship and teaching sessions, students have numerous outdoor options for fun and interaction throughout the day. Students will be sleeping in cabins along with adult leaders and camp staff. We'll be leaving on Monday morning at 8 am and returning Friday afternoon around 6 pm.

We will be stopping on our way to camp at the Haywood County Rest Area in Waynesville. We've arranged for a catered lunch from Chick-Fil-A during this stop. Boxed lunch options include a regular sandwich meal, a gluten free box or the option of students bringing their own lunch that we can keep in a cooler. 

If you have any remaining questions, please contact Kasey at any time.

Student Summer Camp: Week 1 (GIRLS SIGN-UP)
Student Summer Camp: Week 1 (GUYS SIGN-UP)
Student Summer Camp: Week 2 (GIRLS SIGN-UP)
Student Summer Camp: Week 2 (GUYS SIGN-UP)

If you have any other questions about our student ministry or would like to arrange time to speak with our student pastor, please hit the email button below. Thanks!

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