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Whether it’s in normal times or this unusual season that we are all in, there’s no greater opportunity for us to grow in our faith than through personal reading and memorization of Scripture. But we also recognize the value of community and how vital it is for God’s people to journey through life together. As we continue to navigate creative ways to be the church for our Students during a time when we’re not able to meet together in person, we’ve setup an online gathering opportunity on Sunday nights at 5:30 pm appropriately titled, Students Online! 

During this time we’ll be going through a common video driven study on Right Now Media, followed by questions that can be worked through personally or as a family. We'll be starting each week with a lead in video from one of our youth leaders that will be posted on the main Southbrook Facebook page and Students Instagram page. Then students and families can use the links below to access the teaching video and corresponding questions and study guides. There’s also an additional study tool provided below for those who would like to Dig Deeper!

Students are highly encouraged to share their learnings with other students through personal methods or to publicly post to their fellow peers on our Instagram page! We’re excited to see, hear and learn how God is using this crazy time to draw their hearts even closer to His!

Video Teaching

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To view this week's study for those with an existing account, click below and search for "Why Jesus Youth Edition" by David Nasser. (Session 2 - Was Jesus God or just a good man?)

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Study Questions

Reflective Questions

1. As you saw the actual places in Israel where the Old and New Testament took place, was there anything that surprised you about the places around the birth of Jesus? 

2. David explained the criteria of prophecy. He said, “A weatherman predicts the weather. A prophet tells the truth. If it’s 99% accurate, it’s not a prophecy.” So why are prophecies important? 

3. How can studying prophecies produce faith in Jesus? 

4. What was the unique promise that Isaiah wrote about the Messiah’s mother? 

5. You can see that God fulfills that prophecy in that Mary was a virgin. What if you were in your room one night and an actual angel appeared to you? Would you believe your eyes? 

6. Who is Jesus Christ to you personally? Do you find yourself convinced or in disagreement that Jesus claims to be God? Do you believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and is he your Lord? Ultimately, how we view Jesus defines our entire life. If you’re still not convinced, then why?

7. Do you know someone who believes that Jesus was just a good man, but not really the Messiah? How can you share the Scriptures and the Lewis Trilemma to develop their faith? How can you persuade them to answer the question, “Who is Jesus of Nazareth to you?” and come to the conclusion that Jesus is Lord?

Family Study 

If you are viewing this as a family, please consider using the full study guide below.


Personal Study 

Although watching these teaching sessions are beneficial, we need to get into the Bible to allow our roots to grow deep. Use the link below to access a personal study tool that corresponds with this week's session.


Additional Resources

For any additional questions or resource needs, please shoot Kasey an email by hitting the button below.