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We are so grateful that you have chosen to take advantage of the resources on this page! Here you will find things like the Bible memory verse, discussion starter questions, and an activity or two that you can facilitate at home.  This is your chance to get a feel for what it’s like to be one of our small group leaders, and we hope that you’ll embrace this unique time in the life of your family.  As always, we are available to help in any way we can – let us know if there are other resources that would be beneficial to you and your family.

Activity Package (Younger)

Activity Package (Older)


Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world.


God rejected Saul as king because of his sin.


1 Samuel 13:1-14; 15:1-35


Psalm 47:7-8 - “Sing a song of wisdom, for God is King of all the earth. God reigns over the nations; God is seated on His holy throne.”

Instruct family members to open their Bibles to 1 Samuel 13; 15. If kids need help, remind them how to use the table of contents. Point out that the Book of 1 Samuel is in the Old Testament. Tell kids that it is in the History division. These books—from the Book of Joshua to the Book of Esther— tell the history of God’s people, the Israelites. Explain that you will say some statements about the Bible story. If a statement is true, kids should clap. If it is false, they should cross their arms above their heads in an X shape. Read the following statements one at a time:

  1. Saul was the first king of Israel. (true, 1 Sam. 10:19-21; 13:1)
  2. Saul gathered an army to fight the Egyptians. (false, the Philistines; 1 Sam. 13:5)
  3. Saul wanted to ask God to help Israel in the battle. (true, 1 Sam. 13:9,12)
  4. Saul did not make an offering until Samuel arrived. (False, Samuel arrived after Saul made an offering; 1 Sam. 13:8-9)
  5. God told Saul to attack the Amalekites and destroy only the useless things. (false, destroy everything; 1 Sam. 15:3)
  6. Saul obeyed God completely. (False, Saul did not obey God; 1 Sam. 15:11)
  7. God rejected Saul as king because of his sin. (true, 1 Sam. 15:23)


SAY Great job! Saul knew what he was supposed to do; God had said, “Obey Me and all will go well for you.” But Saul did not obey God. This is what happened to God’s people over and over in the Old Testament. They knew God’s law, but they did not obey it. God is holy and cannot be around sin. We are sinners, too. No matter how hard we try, we cannot obey God completely. We need someone to save us from our sin. Even though God rejected Saul as king, God had a plan to bring Jesus—His Son and our perfect King—to rule over His people forever. When we trust in Jesus, God forgives our sin and accepts us forever. Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world.

OPTION 1: Step-by-step Drawings

Give each family member a piece of paper and a crayon or marker, and give the following instructions:

  1. In the center of your paper, write a lowercase letter d.
  2. Draw a circle at the top of the d.
  3. Inside the loop of the d, draw four circles.
  4. Draw three lines coming from the loop and extending outward.
  5. Draw two small ovals connecting with the top circle.
  6. Draw two small dots inside the top circle.

Allow everyone to share their drawings. Drawings should roughly resemble a giraffe!

As time allows, encourage each family member to find a partner. Members should turn over their papers and take turns giving their partners instructions for drawing something simple.


SAY Why is it important to follow instructions? Why might you have trouble following directions? What happens when we don’t follow instructions? God gave Saul instructions, but Saul did not obey God. God rejected Saul as king because of his sin.


OPTION 2: Tricky Tasks Game

Form groups of two or three (or more if your family is larger). Make a simple game board, consisting of squares forming a path, with a number of squares containing instructions for simple tasks … such as jump up and down three times; close your eyes and balance on one foot for 15 seconds etc.  Provide dice (you may want to only use one die) for each group and give each player a coin or other small object to use as a game piece. Keep Bibles accessible for certain tasks. Explain the directions for playing the game:

  1. Roll the dice and move the number of spaces indicated.
  2. Read the task on the space. If you can complete the task, you earn the number of points rolled on the dice.
  3. Take turns. The player with the most points at the finish wins.

SAY Saul faced some serious consequences for disobeying God. God rejected Saul as king because of his sin. Saul did not stop being king right away, but God had a plan for someone else to be king. Come back next week to find out who became Israel’s next king! 

  • What do you think Saul really cared about with his sacrifice? 
  • Why is it hard to trust God when we have to wait for things that we want right away? 
  • Can you think of a King whom God will never reject?

Before the session, cut several strips of construction paper and write words or phrases of the key passage on the strips. Put the strips in a paper bag. Lead family members to read Psalm 47:7-8 aloud. Remind kids that we memorize God’s Word to help us know and love Jesus, resist sin, and help others. Invite each family member to pull one paper strip from the bag. Challenge kids to work together to put the key passage in order. Show the key passage to check their work and guide them to say the verse again.

SAY Nice work, everyone. We’ll keep working to memorize our key passage. These verses remind us that God is King over the whole earth! He rules over the nations and is seated on His holy throne. That means that God is in control right now. When you wake up in the morning, God is on His throne. When you go to bed at night, God is on His throne. No one else will ever take over the throne. Let’s answer our big picture question. Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world.

Distribute pencils and paper or notebooks. Encourage kids to write about or draw a picture of a time they disobeyed God or someone God put in charge over them, such as a parent or teacher. What were the consequences of their actions? Close in prayer, thanking God for sending Jesus to be our King forever. Thank Jesus for dying on the cross and rising again so that when we trust in Him, God forgives our sin and welcomes us as part of His family.