As goes leadership, so goes the church. This reality motivates our efforts in leader development. We believe healthy and growing leaders are committed, devoted disciples. Therefore, growing leaders is a natural part of our mission of "making disciples." It's for this reason, we are committed to establishing a leadership culture that produces and releases spiritual leaders to serve God's mission in the world.

Leadership Development


In an effort to ensure ongoing, healthy leadership for generations to come, we want to be intentionally investing in the future leaders of our church by preparing leaders to serve God's mission within the local church. Through this 4-session leadership institute (large group teaching and small group interaction), we will equip leaders to lead into the future by maintaining a Gospel-centered focus for ministry.

Topics include: Philisophy of Ministry & Leadership, Theology, and Apologetics & Evangelism



As a church, we don't know everything; however, we desire to pass on what we do know. This is the heart behind our paid 12-month ministry residency program. We want to give men and women who sense God's call to full-time, vocational ministry the opportunity to learn and grow in the context of church ministry. By participating in this program, residents will not only grow in their understanding of Gospel-centered ministry, but they'll also have the opportunity to learn about day-to-day ministry by serving on our church staff in a team atmosphere. 


Samantha Meyer
Tim Hale

Eli Snead

Megan Bolich

The Launch Residency Program was featured in this article by Parable.

If you are interested in being a part of Launch (August 1, 2024 - July 31, 2025), you will be asked to start the process below: 

Step 1: Application (apply during 1/1/24 - 5/31/24)

Step 2: Phone Interview & Questionnaire

Step 3: In-person Interview  

  1. Who is this for?

    • Launch is for men and women who sense a desire to serve God (Church ministry, missions, para-church ministry). It's open to those inside and outside of Southbrook.

  2. Do I need a formal education?

    • Formal education is not a requirement, but the ability to serve in a team environment is essential. 

  3. Do I have to raise funds?

    • No, you do not have to raise funds. We are grateful for the generosity of our body who gives towards our Mission and Vision. 

  4. Does Southbrook help with job placement?

    • Although this residency program aims to help equip and prepare you for future ministry opportunities, Southbrook does not help with job placement. However, we will give you adequate time and space towards the end of the residency to pursue other opportunities.

  5. What does a day in the life of a resident look like?

    • The first five months of Launch concentrate on the main essentials of ministry in all areas (Worship/Production, Groups, Family, Missions, and Operations). The remainder of Launch is tailored specifically towards the individual's strengths and passions, as seen in the first five months.


We are not content to simply grow our church; we want to grow our Gospel influence. Through this strategic initiative, our vision is to identify and raise up gifted leaders and teachers to expand our influence through planting Gospel-centered churches. Though these churches will share our Gospel focus, they will be independent, self-sustaining churches. We want to provide opportunities for gifted people to use their gifts to lead disciple-making churches.

Leadership Pipeline