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We believe that parents are to be the primary spiritual influence in their child’s life, but not exclusive. Also, God has given His Church a tremendous role in the nurturing and shaping of their heart. We consider it a tremendous privilege to come alongside of families to invest into the next generation of Christ followers together!

Milestones represent the spiritual pathway for families at Southbrook as their children journey from birth to adulthood. Although not all children develop at exactly the same pace, according to their age or grade level, there are general stages of development that they will go through. 

Our Family Ministry has identified seven key developmental milestones that we believe are important to acknowledge and celebrate with our families. Along with celebrating each milestone, as they are reached, we also invest into our families by helping the child and the parents to be prepared and equipped for the next stretch of their journey together. 


Family Dedication:  This milestone marks a special time when parents make a public commitment to raise their child in a Christ-centered home.

Grades: Available for all ages

Parent Class: Family Dedication Class | This class covers the understanding Family Dedication commitments, the parents' role as primary faith influencers, and the importance of the Dad and Mom roles. 

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Gospel Discovery:  This milestone marks the time for parents to intentionally introduce to their children the scriptures and the overarching story of salvation.  

Grades: Available for all ages

Parent Class: Gospel Discovery Class is an opportunity for parents of Toddler to Preschool age children. We will come alongside families equipping them as they build spiritual rhythms in their home while introducing an age appropriate message of the Gospel.

Event: Present Child with Bible & Share Gospel 

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Gospel Foundation:  This milestone marks the period in which parents present the Gospel, creating an opportunity for the child to personally respond to the gift of salvation.  

Grades: Available for all ages

Parent Class: Gospel Foundation Class |  Baptism Explained and Discipleship Begins at Home.

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Preparing for Adolescence: This milestone marks the passage to adolescence and helps equip parents for the upcoming physical and emotionally changes.

Grades: 4th - 6th Grade 

Parent Class: TBD

Event: Blessing Retreat. This Blessing Retreat is specifically designed for 6th grade parents and their 6th grader. Join us as we build memories together at the YMCA Hemby Program Center as we prepare for the adolescent years to come. We will focus on 4 major topics called the “4 C’s”: Christ-Centered, Changes, Choices, and Communication. We will also have a fun outdoor activity together and we will end our day with a parent blessing. Lunch/snacks are provided and it is highly encouraged that both parents attend. It’s a very special time, you won’t want to miss it! 


Integrity In Christ:  This milestone marks a period of the student's spiritual development in which parents guide them to live out their wholeness in Christ.  

Grades: 6th - 8th Grade

Parent Class: Passion for Purity Class | The Biblical Standard For Purity, Spiritual Training of Teens: Parent Roles and Church Roles, Identity in Christ, Accountability and Communication.

Event: Purity Ring Celebration


Rite of Passage: This milestone marks the initial transfer from parent to student of their own understanding and pursuit of Christ.  

Grades: 9th - 10th Grade

Parent Class: Preparing to Launch Part 1: Relationships (1&2), Freedoms/Responsibilities/ Life Skills (1&2), Apologetics, Money, Corrective discipline & Formative Discipline

Event: Rite of Passage Ceremony


Life In Christ: This milestone marks the season of confidently launching students into adulthood and ongoing life in Christ.

Grades: 11th -12th Grade

Parent Class: Preparing to Launch Part 2: 1. Apologetics, Money, Will of God, Relationship (1&2), Freedoms/responsibility/life skills (1&2)

Event: Senior Send-off