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Leaders sharing their excitment over the Multiply Inititive at Advance Commitment Night. 


Multiply is a two-year generosity initiative focused on helping us multiply our Gospel influence. Each of us will have the opportunity to participate in God’s mission of advancing the Gospel by practicing sacrificial generosity. This will require each of us to seek the Lord and trust His provision. As we’re challenged in this area, let’s be open and responsive to how God might want to grow us as disciples as we continue to fulfill our mission of making disciples.

Priority One: Existing Ministry

Continue the existing ministry of Southbrook Church

God has done some amazing things in and through Southbrook Church. However, we do feel as though there is more He wants to do, so we are committed to continuing to be a Gospel-centered church whose main focus is to make disciples who make disciples.

Priority Two: Church Planting

Begin new ministry by funding church plants

Rather than focusing all of our time, energy, and resources on Southbrook alone, wse want to also focus on starting self-sustaining, Bible-preaching, disciple-making churches that share Southbrook’s culture, heart and passion for Gospel-centered ministry. By planting churches in other communities around the Charlotte region, there is great potential to see our Gospel influence multiply. 

Priority Three: Debt Reduction

Create additional ministry capacity by reducing our mortgage debt

There is no limit to what God can do through Southbrook Church; however, our Gospel impact will be limited as long as we bear heavy financial debt. We believe that by continuing to reduce debt now, and ultimately eliminating it, we can equip and release more disciples locally, regionally, and globally.