At Southbrook, we believe that “every member is a minister”, in the sense that God has uniquely called and equipped every Christ-follower to play a valuable role in fulfilling his purposes, both inside and outside the church.  We also believe that some are called to specific lay leadership and vocational ministry roles.  Therefore, our gifted team of elders, pastors, directors, and ministry assistants plays an important part in accomplishing the mission God has given us.

Our Pastors


Shane Freeman | Lead Pastor

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Shane is responsible for shaping the mission, casting vision, and Gospel-centered preaching.


Jonathan Bareham | Executive Pastor

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Jonathan oversees ministry operations, including finance, facilities, HR, and IT.


Scott Boley | Groups Pastor

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Scott oversees our groups ministry.


Kasey Carter | Mission Pastor

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Kasey leads our mission team and engages our mission partners.


Kevin Conklin | Care Pastor

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Kevin oversees our care ministry, including pastoral counseling and benevolence.


Chad Manus | Worship Pastor

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Chad leads teams that facilitate God-exalting worship across our ministry environments.


Dan McChesney | Student Pastor

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Dan shepherds our students, challenging them to become disciple-making disciples.

Our Staff


Amber Freeman | Kids Director

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Amber creates fun environments where kids can begin growing as disciples.


Jared Long | Facilities Director

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Jared ensures that all our ministry environments are safe, secure, and God-honoring.


Kelly Manus | Communication & Outreach Director

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Kelly helps us communicate well, serve our community and engage with mission partners.


Nicole McGuff | Ministry Assistant - Kids

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Nicole helps to create fun environments where kids can begin growing as disciples.


Samantha Meyer | Ministry Assistant - Students

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Samantha assists our student pastor in challenging students to become disciple-making disciples.


Raina Newman | Ministry Development Director

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Raina oversees our Ministry Leadership Team and helps to develop systems and processes that will ensure ministry effectiveness and alignment.


Jami Oppold | Financial Administrator

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Jami ensures that our financial resources are stewarded effectively and with integrity.


Brittney Ouellette | Executive Assistant

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Brittney provides administrative support to our Lead Pastor and elders.


Tammy Paszkiewicz | Preschool Director

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Tammy leads our teachers who provide biblically-based early childhood education.


Ben Scarlett | Technical Director

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Ben creates environments where people can experience God-exalting worship and Gospel-centered preaching.


Adam Shiverdecker | Support Director

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Adam develops systems and processes to help people integrate into the church's life.

Our Residents

Our residents serve as full-time staff team members for twelve months, gaining experience in all aspects of what we do at Southbrook as they explore God's call on their lives to full-time vocational ministry.


Megan Bolich 


Eli Snead

Our Church Plant Staff


Gentry Eddings | Lead Pastor

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Gentry serves as the Lead Pastor of our first church plant!  He is an incredibly gifted and experienced leader who is strongly aligned with Southbrook's beliefs, values, and culture. 

Our Elders

Our elders seek to fulfill their biblical function by focusing on the following: protecting ministry direction, provide oversight to operational budget, as well as financial accountability, ensure ministry alignment and implementation, protect the integrity of the church (theological, relational, philosophical), and assess overall leadership effectiveness through accountability. This specific focus allows our elders to lovingly shepherd our church into the future.

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Warren Barber - Chairman

Warren works in technical sales for a national construction materials company and volunteers as a leader in our groups ministry.


Jonathan Bareham - Executive Pastor - Elder

Jonathan serves as a staff elder in addition to his role as Executive Pastor.


Jayson Berg - Elder

Jayson volunteers in the cafe as a part of the welcome team and as a Community Group Leader


Shane Freeman - Lead Pastor - Elder

Shane serves as a staff elder in addition to his role as Lead pastor.


Christopher Secrest - Elder


Joe Sirico - Elder

Joe serves as a missionary for Greater Europe Mission and volunteers as a Community Group leader.


Phil Watts - Elder


Brad Wittensoldner - Elder

Brad works in finance for a local manufacturing company and volunteers as a teacher in our kids ministry.