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Students Online

Whether it’s in normal times or this unusual season that we are all in, there’s no greater opportunity for us to grow in our faith than through personal reading and memorization of Scripture. But we also recognize the value of community and how vital it is for God’s people to journey through life together. 

As we continue to navigate creative ways to be the church for our Students during a time when we’re not able to meet together in person, we’ve setup a weekly opportunity for our students to stay engaged with God and with each other. This online study opportunity is on Sunday's at 5:30 pm and is appropriately titled, Students Online. This is a video-driven study produced by Right Now Media that includes valuable study guides and discussion questions. Here's how it works...


If you're not currently signed up, please use the following link to create a free account with Right Now Media:

Account Setup

This Sunday we will be entering week 6 of the series that goes through the book of Judges with Pastor JD Grear, to view this week's with an existing account, click below and search for "The Book of Judges by JD Grear".

Right Now Login

Overview of Judges (Bible Project)

Judges Overview and Reading Plan

There are two study options for students to use, whether it's for their own personal use or for studying and discussing as a family. 

1. This a one page discussion guide that helps participants process the highlights of this week's study. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Discussion Sheet

2. This is a link to the full study guide that allows participants to extract much more out of this session and make a deeper connection with how the teaching applies to everyday living. It takes about an hour to complete.

Digging Deeper

Students are highly encouraged to share their learnings with other students through personal methods or to publicly post to their fellow peers on our Instagram page! We’re excited to see, hear and learn how God is using this crazy time to draw their hearts even closer to His!